United States Grand Prix In Austin

By now you have probably heard someone at least mention something about Formula 1, F1, Circuit of The Americas, or The United States Grand Prix in Texas.

The Circuit of the Americas is the new Formula 1 track just built-in Austin. This weekend there will be three days of racing for the United States Grand Prix. And the F1 race being in the US is sort of a big deal. It’s the first time there has been a Formula 1 race in the US since 2007. It is also the first track built specifically for Formula 1.

The Circuit of the Americas is also going to be a big deal economically. You see, Formula 1 draws enthusiasts from around the globe. And even the cheap seats were $700. People are helicoptering in, renting the most exotic cars, and spending a ton of money to be part of this three-day event. The event is estimated to bring in $500 million dollars and 300,000 visitors every Grand Prix weekend.

And though it is The United States Grand Prix, there are no American drivers participating. You see, unlike NASCAR, F1 races have both right and left turns. Sorry, I know, bad NASCAR joke. But this $400 million dollar track has over 20 turns on a nearly 3.5 mile hilly track does go counterclockwise. That is rare for a F1 track and will put more strain on the drivers who are not used to frequent left-hand turns.

What does this have to do with The Canopy? Nothing. But we sure do think its interesting that this is such a major deal and get more interested with each bit of info we learn as to why it’s a big deal.

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