We Still Love TV

I’m sitting here in the back of The Canopy listening to some of the Canopy girls talking about Dancing With The Stars. I’ve never watched the show, so I can’t really say who is the best dancer. But I do know they are upset by Jill leaving. And they think Shawn or Emmit will win because they have big fan bases. Since the other names I heard were quite possibly first names I should know, I assume this is a game where the celebrity wins. Oops.

I do know we all love love love Revenge. It is a consensus around The Canopy that Revenge is the best show on TV these days. We don’t like Ashley paired up with Daniel, but mostly because we really just don’t trust Ashley. Nolan, on the other hand, is someone we adore. And his new look is really great this season. Gosh, I wish I had this show recorded to have my own Revenge marathon event over Thanksgiving. Oh wait! I do!

Gossip Girl is still a popular tv choice around here too. But my goodness are we all ready for Chuck and Blair to get together. Stop teasing us!

I’ve heard a few other shows mentioned as being big faves for some of the gals around the shop. Shows like Last Resort, Person of Interest, Mad Men and Major Crimes. So what shows tickle your fancy?

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