Turtle Power!

Seriously, let us celebrate the power of turtles. Animated turtles with battle savvy knowhow aren’t the only turtles able to make headlines in the papers.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to an endangered species of sea turtles, Kemp’s ridley. This is the rarest type of sea turtle and they love the warm waters in the Gulf, though sometimes they venture further away.

Last December, a man was walking his dog on the beach near The Hauge, Netherlands and stumbled upon a little sea turtle. It turned out to be a 2-year-old Kemp ridley lost her way and ended up 5,800 miles away from home. Since she was from a warmer climate, the cold water shocked her system. She was a mere 4 pounds when found and thoughts of her survival were dim at best. Dutch animal rescue workers nursed her back to health and after all required American and Dutch paperwork was complete, the turtle named Flip was flown  Houston, Texas. She made a stop in Grapevine to ensure she was ready to be released.

This past Friday, Flip was finally returned to her warm water home in the Gulf of Mexico. She has a GPS transmitter on her shell and you can track her safe travels on SeaTurtle.org. But don’t worry, as her shell grows it is likely the transmitter will come off and it will not harm her. You can also check out info on other sea turtles and their journeys.

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