We Did Marathon!!!

The Texas town, not the horrible thing where you run on purpose.

A few of the Canopy girls are related. And another family member was having a 10-year wedding anniversary vow renewal celebration in Marathon, TX. So we drove down to Marathon and stayed at the Gage Hotel. If you ever want to feel you’re in an oasis in the middle of nowhere, go to the Gage. It was amazing!

There was a train track across the street so you could hear trains (but they don’t blow their whistles at night). And the sky is super dark so that all of a sudden you see many stars you never knew were up there. The gardens around the hotel are wonderful. And oh the food! The food was fantastic.

Friday night we had a Mexican Fiesta with great Mexican food and a band and a DJ. There were prickly pear margaritas and dancing all night long. Saturday morning people entertained themselves with breakfast or sleeping in. I chose to sleep. At lunch there was a party by the pool with burgers (and veggie burgers) and I heard it was great. I didn’t go because I was off on my own adventure, which I shall blog about later.

That night we started with cocktails then had the vow renewal. It was outside in one of the Gage courtyards but since it is the desert it wasn’t miserably hot or anything. Plus there were hand fans provided to the guests as we sat. The bride’s daughters sang a wonderfully sweet song together and the groom serenaded the bride too. It was touching and I saw several eyes welling up with tears.

After the ceremony we had dinner and dancing. Dinner was once again fabulous. The evening’s entertainment began with the great Johnny Rodriquez. Do you know who he is? If not, you should. He was the first famous Latin American country singer. And one of the bride’s favorites. He sang for a while and people enjoyed dancing and watching as the sun was setting. I tried to get a video of him singing his cover of Desperado but I don’t know how great the quality was from where I was sitting.

Afterwards another band came out and the seats were cleared away for dancing. We had a champagne toast and chocolate cake then began a night of dancing again. There were several generations celebrating and dancing together. It was so fun to watch everyone from 16-85+ dancing together and enjoying life.

Our final morning, we had brunch. Once again the food was really good. But by then we were all tired out and ready to drive home.

If you have a chance to go to Marathon, I’d highly recommend it. Especially if you get to stay at the Gage Hotel.

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