A Lesson For Olympic Badminton

By now I’m sure anyone who follows badminton has heard of the Chinese and South Korean women’s pairs being booted from the competition for not trying. For those who don’t follow the sport, I’ll catch you up…

The Chinese doubles champions were playing against a South Korean team after both teams had already qualified for the next round of knock out matches. Since they already were in the next round, they didn’t try very hard in order to conserve energy for the matches that would count. They were booed quite loudly. Then the other South Korean doubles and the Indonesian team did the same for the same reason. Then the powers that be (governing bodies of the sport) decided all four pairs shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

Thing is, teams that qualify for the next round in other sports don’t just give up in their games before the next round starts. Take the American women’s soccer team for an example. Not only was Abby Wambach the first non-British woman to score at Old Tafford (the home field of Manchester United), they won their match. So they swept their group, winning all three games. But they could have slowed down to conserve energy. Soccer is a physically demanding sport. And this is the Olympic stage. Don’t you always want to play your best to be the best possible representative of your country as you can be?

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