Go Team USA!!!!

The summer every four years has some of the best television when it is time for the  summer Olympics. In fact, I think the only thing that really rivals it for better time is when the winter Olympics are happening.

I was supposed to go to England to get to see some great Olympic action. An unfortunate turn of events and I just get to see more of the games on TV from the comfortable AC. And boy oh boy has it been fun.

First of all how about that Kimberly Rhode? Don’t know who she is? Well you should. She set a new Olympic record in women’s skeet shooting when she hit 99 out of 100. Impressive. But add to it that it made her the first American athlete to win an individual medal in five straight Olympics and you really see how amazing she is!

Who hasn’t fallen in love with Missy Franklin? Heck, we thought she was as cute as could be BEFORE she won her gold medal. That she did it after a semifinal for what looked like an exhausting race only made us realize how horribly out of shape the rest of us are. But her smile and personality is about as infectious as possible. We definitely look forward to seeing a lot more from her.

And not to sound like we only ever root for the American athletes, we were definitely shocked with the rest of the world when Mark Cavendish didn’t even get a chance to sprint to win the men’s cycling road race. If you’ve ever watched him, it is stinkin’ ridiculous that a human can be so fast on a bicycle.

So which events do you enjoy most? Do you have any favorite performances or athletes you’ve been keeping your eye on? Any big surprises? And how heart-broken were you after watching the US men’s gymnastics? Those guys are so talented and I hope we hear about them all in the future.


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