How Not To Make Fellow Passengers Want To Kill You….

We flew home from market and boy I gotta tell you I think I maybe homicidal. Ok, not really. Police, don’t worry no one will even be given the evil eye. But my goodness, is it really that difficult to not annoy everyone around you?

See we got to the airport early and had to wait. We weren’t the only ones waiting around. There was a group of people (who did not know each other) going on a retreat to Big Bend. I think they were all scientists of some sort, though I could just be making that up. Anyway, this one kid was a talker. And by that I mean he would not shut up. He was loud and talked constantly. He wanted to find a rattler to pose with. I hope he finds one and it bites him and he dies.

Because I am the world’s luckiest person, he ended up sitting in the seat directly behind me. And I was tired. All I wanted to do was relax and maybe catch a tiny little nap. But nope, Talker made sure that was impossible. I am not even sure if he was talking to anyone. I never heard any other voices. And he talked for 20 minutes about how he has no accent and people wonder where he is from. LIAR! He had the redneckiest of accents ever.

UGGG I hate annoying people on planes.

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