New Canopy Girl! Meet Bethany

Some of you have already noticed this, but we have a new Canopy girl! Her name is Bethany and while she is way overqualified to work here (she was a commercial credit analyst at a bank before this), we sure are glad to have her.

Bethany grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas but ventured out-of-state to go to Oklahoma State University for her undergraduate degree. Don’t worry folks, she hurried back to Texas because she loves this state (and who in their right mind doesn’t?). Bethany also went through the Ranch Management Program at TCU.

Bethany got married in September (she met him through work) and moved to Midland in October. Ok, so we all think Bethany is married to a cute cute guy too, so that’s another reason we’re glad to have her.

The real reason we love her? She’s a dog person! That’s right, that is the biggest thing we care about. She volunteers at Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals and gets to walk the adoptable dogs and make sure they are happy until they find a forever home. And we love getting to hear about the sweetest dogs.

Bethany doesn’t yet have a dog of her own, but she does have a quarter horse named Payaso. She used to barrel race competitively with him but right now he’s living the life of a happy and chubby horse.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to come by The Canopy sometime to meet Bethany. She’s a wonderful addition to our family here and hope she stays with us for a long time.

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