I’m an April Fool’s Fool…

April 1st is a day we all make silly jokes we try to get people to believe then laugh at them for thinking we’re honest people. I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing to do things people believe. One year I told my mother and my sister I was actually a lesbian. It took months to convince them that indeed that was just an April Fools Joke. Yesterday was another mistake.

The Canopy has a facebook page. We try to post on it with some regularity but sometimes we forget. Yesterday was April 1st so like a good little fool, I posted on the page that the store was closing. One of the other Canopy girls saw it and played along. We, at least, thought it was funny.

Today at lunch, I finally saw I had some missed calls. Two were from Johnna about facebook. Apparently someone got into the account and posted that we were closing. They were going to change the password so someone couldn’t do it again. The next call she said she heard I did it and it wasn’t funny. And good thing they don’t need to change the password because they were going to give it to the culprit!

So be careful what jokes you make. And make sure everyone who need to be is in on it first. Or they may think you’re a crook. EEK

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