Stuffie The Canopy Duck….

Did you know we have a store mascot?

His name is Stuffie and he’s been in the store as long as The Canopy has been in our current location (hint, we moved here in the 80s and that’s as much as you’ll get out of us).

You see, when we started we thought stuffed birds and things were so beautiful, so we sold them. Now if we see things like that it makes us cry because we’ve turned into such animal lovers. Somehow the notion of leather being an animal seems to be ok, but nothing that is stuffed or bone please.

And before you ask, Stuffie is NOT FOR SALE. He lives here and keeps us safe and happy. He doesn’t make us cry because he’s part of the family. But you can come on by and say hi to Stuffie and maybe buy a bird that is made out of something else.

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