You Can Put A Tutu On A Pig….

One of our Canopy Girls has a pet pig. Yes, you read that — a pig. His name is Tater Tot and he’s either the sweetest and cutest thing or the grumpiest fellow alive. Tater is a mini pig, similar in size to a medium dog. He is pink with some black spots and has a lot of hair (it is more like a quill-like hair than dog fur).

Tater likes to sleep on a big fluffy dog bed with a blanket hiding his head. I guess there’s a reason that food is called Pig In A Blanket. Who knew! Now, when Tater can’t find his pig wearing tutu thecanopy.netblanket, he will find something else to suit his needs. And a week after Halloween, he found the box of costumes past (human costumes as Tater is not so fond of the idea of wearing anything) and found a suitable blanket replacement.

Don’t worry, he wiggled out of his tutu before morning and ended up just sleeping with his head under it. But for a moment he was living his dreams of being a dancing pig and somehow figured out how to put on a tutu and get it around his waist. He looks so peaceful doesn’t he? That’s a farce!

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