Thank You Emily!!!!!

Emily is one of our Canopy girls. Every year we get some local senior high school girls (or boys) to work in the store. They keep us up on the fun young people gossip and inform us which tv shows are the hot ones to watch (Gossip Girl!).

Emily is a gem of a Canopy girl and she always will be. She came home to Midland after her first year of college and worked all summer long. And let me tell you, we needed her! Our seniors only work during the school year so we were more than happy to have some extra help this summer.

Emily is not only helpful, but she is also really fun to be around. She is easy to talk to and certainly made this summer fun.

Thank you, Emily, for blessing us with your company this summer. We truly wish you the best in all you do. And of course, we want you to come back any time!

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