Words and Hanging With Friends

I don’t know about you, but it seems everyone I know is playing Words With Friends. Personally, I hate the game because I am terrible. It isn’t fun to have someone beat me by over 100 points over and over. So I don’t play it anymore.

But Hanging With Friends….

That’s a different story. First of all, I can actually win a game. But mostly, I think it is funny even when I lose. It’s silly to see what words are easy to guess and which aren’t. A few of us play this game. Sometimes we may be too busy playing to work, but don’t tell Johnna or she’ll yell at us. (Kidding!)

This morning, we read some good words in the paper to try out.

Bines/Hops/Oast – hops grow on bines (kinda like vines), the hops are harvested and dried in an oast (a kiln-heated barn).

Lollywood – I don’t know if this word would be accepted in these games, but if Hollywood and Bollywood are, then the term for Pakistan’s movie industry should be too.

Obon – Oh we can start asking off for a new holiday! It’s a period of three days taken off in August to care for one’s ancestor’s graves. Think Buddhist Dia de los Muertos.

Guilloche – a special technique to cause reflective indentations in metal (we sell a lot of Michael Aram which has reflective textures in these metal pieces!)

Do you play Words or Hanging with friends? What words do you like to play?


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