Is it illegal to flip new mattresses?

Over dinner last night, the topic of mattresses was broached. Mostly because Johnna has just purchased two new ones and that got everyone talking about how they love their beds. Johnna informed us the mattress salesman told her it is illegal to flip new mattresses over as they are a fire hazard. Naturally, this sparked a lively discussion. We even called Cha Cha to see if they could answer (text back simply said they were stumped). Texting LuLu didn’t find an answer. Nor did a simple google search.

Best answer we can find is that new mattresses are designed with only one side you can sleep on so you do not need to flip them over. Perhaps the sales person had enough customers doubting him that he made up a reason to make sure they don’t sleep on the wrong side and then try to return a bad mattress.

But hey, if you can find a law somewhere about it being illegal, let us know! And tell us any other weird laws you know about.

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