A Wedding To Remember…

A Canopy girl (to remain anonymous) attended a wedding in another state. While the bride looked amazing and was extremely happy on her big day, everything else went wrong.

It was a three-day wedding extravaganza. The first day including trying to feed both sides of this newly joined family. The families that included great-great-aunts, great-aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, second cousins, and so forth. The groom was the youngest of 10 siblings, who were all married with at least three kids (some as many as six!). That is a lot of mouths to feed.

The next day, the 67 members of the groom’s family and the 32 members of the bride’s family began to cook all the food for the wedding – mac and cheese, peanut butter rice crispies, everything. Buckets and buckets of food to feed the expected 450 guests. No catering. No purchased dishes. All homemade. Everyone was helping.

The tent was set up on the edge of town for the reception just in time for it to get flooded by a rain storm. The men all worked to shovel gravel into the tent. When it was almost dry, luck would have it another big storm was on its way…

The morning of the wedding arrived and all locations had to be changed. The food was moved from where it was prepared at the Methodist church to the Catholic church because the tent wasn’t getting any power. The rain required the reception to move from the tent with all its decorations and 450 guests to the basement of the Catholic church–with no air conditioning.

In the ends, things came together and the families had fun. This is certainly a wedding to be remembered, but it will never be repeated…

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