Help Us Find Yummy Healthy Food!

We women of The Canopy are of various ages. Some of the girls are still in high school and some of us are at least old enough to be great grandparents, but you better not tell us that! But we are all trying to be health conscious. It seems cancer is everywhere. And there are certainly foods that help fight cancer and better your chances at not getting it. Unfortunately, some of these foods aren’t exactly the world’s most tasty. I know I would rather chew on chocolate than kale.

Another bummer is the recipes we find in magazines and newspapers that are supposed to be delicious are always full of less than healthy items: cheese, butter, sour cream, bacon, and various other yummy poisons we are trying to avoid. So how do we make healthy foods taste good? How do we get our kids to eat veggies for a snack without the tempting obesity with creamy dips and the like?

So please, please! Tell us your healthy recipes that are delectable treats for everyone in the family. How do you make broccoli yummy for those who poo-poo at the idea of something green without taking away the healthy nature of it? What tricks do you use to treat your veggies to being more desirable than a bag of chips?

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