We ♥ Movies

We like to see movies. A few of us go every Sunday, because working together all week doesn’t seem like nearly enough time for gossip. Here are some of our opinions on movies we’ve seen lately.


Johnna thought it was funny but didn’t laugh nearly as much as she expected. However, she did really enjoy the airplane scene. Emily said it was funny but seemed like a female version of the hangover – even down to the weird sibling of the other fiance. Anne loved it, thinking it was very funny. She also thought it had a very good lesson to it.


It wasn’t what Emily expected. Nor was she crazy about Natalie Portman playing that role. Johnna agrees but also said that Thor made Brad Pitt look pretty silly in some of those same type roles. Erin thought it was entertaining but it mostly seemed like a set up for other movies.

Hangover 2

So far, Laura Ann is the only one who has seen it. She said it was okay, but it had a lot of repeats and wasn’t as funny as the first. But such is the problem with sequels.

So what movies have you seen? And which ones do you think we need to go watch?

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