Prairie Dogs Can’t Fart

I told you we could have a zoo. And we have some strange pets in our midst.

One of the Canprairie dogopy Daughters has a prairie dog named Lennie. He’s been in the family for about 6 weeks now, so he’s still pretty new. Which means everyone still thinks he is totally awesome (which he really is, so I don’t think that will fade with time).

Lennie lives in a cage but gets to run around and be free too. He’s incredibly cute and really funny. He likes to climb up on your head — or whatever high place he can get to, which is difficult since he has no depth perception and falls a lot. And while he is chilling out in his cage, he climbs up the side and hangs so you can stick your finger in and rub his belly.

And he has to eat Timothy Hay because apparently not only do prairie dogs not have depth perception, but they cannot fart.

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