The Canopy takes on Arnold, Trump, and Bin Laden!

For those who don’t know us already, we’re a pretty opinionated bunch. And we like gossip. Perhaps too much. We would love for you to come into the shop at 2101 W Wadley Ave in Midland and tell us the gossip you have been dying to share!

But we are also ladies. We won’t stop someone from having their own opinion or belief. I mean that is exactly what makes the world so much fun! And it keeps the gossip mills churning so it keeps us happy when you disagree. We do keep our political views to ourselves, but if someone in the political sphere has some personal life blunders, you better believe we’ll talk about that!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his love child: First thing is first, Arnold is so far down the list of things Anne thinks about, she didn’t even know he was in the news with a love child. Johnna thinks it is absurd for them to get a divorce over something that happened 10 years ago. And Marion thinks there is the possibility that the reason it is coming out now is that it could be some sort of conspiracy to get more money from Arnold — or at least thinks other people will think so. Erin doesn’t really care, because it’s not a tumor.

Donald Trump not running for president: Marion thinks hurray, he’s fired! Johnna thinks it is a wise decision on his part and that his hair is too peculiar to be president anyway. Anne thinks he’s doing well in his chosen field and should probably leave it at that. Erin wasn’t even aware Trump thought he was going to run for president anyway.

Osama bin Laden being dead: Johnna is personally glad he is dead but doesn’t really want to see any gross pictures and wonders why anyone thinks she would. Marion simply says hurray. Erin’s immediate reaction to the news was worrying about retaliation but has since decided it’s not as big a deal for the bad guys as it would have been a few years ago.  And while Anne is personally glad bin Laden is dead, she thinks there will always be conspiracies that he is not dead until the photos are shown even though she has no desire to see the pictures herself.

What current events are you talking about?

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