Dog Says Bye To Shoppers

As we’ve said before, we are dog lovers at The Canopy. And sure, not all our dogs have tricks and treats to offer other than their love and affection. But a couple are lucky enough to get to work in the shop.

Marion’s dog, Lizzie, is one of the lucky ones. Lizzie is a rescue dog that was found on Thanksgiving one year. After every attempt she could make to find Lizzie’s family, Marion finally fell in love with this little bundle of happiness and adopted her. She’s a faithful companion, even with only one eye.

Lizzie comes to work twice a week. She comes every Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally blesses us with her presence on Saturdays. She’s a sweet little dog and quite a ham for attention. But to many she’s the dog who makes them want to come back again. You see, Lizzie dances and says goodbye to customers who have done their shopping.

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