Our Dog Climbs Trees

At The Canopy we are all animal lovers. We could have a zoo all on our own. Dogs, cats, there is even a pig!

Johnna has three dogs – Max, Red, and Bo. Today we’re talking about Max.

Max is a sweet-faced rescue dog. Johnna found him on the internet and went out of her way to give him a good home. He was used as a breeding factory for a puppy mill. He doesn’t really like people and don’t even think of touching his stomach unless you want him to start howling like you are torturing the poor thing. But he’s a good dog and happy in his new home.

Max also has a love-hate relationship with squirrels. I guess that’s normal for a dog. But Max has learned how to get closer to the squirrels taunting him from the roof. He runs up the trunk of the tree and climbs the branches. Yep, that is correct. Max climbs trees. Not just a foot up and then back down to the ground either. He does it so quickly, I am never able to get a video of it. So right now, we only this one picture:

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