Show some #PuppyLove for our Donation Drive!

The Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals needs your help!


For the next two months, The Canopy will be hosting a Donation Drive to support the Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals in their effort to save and change the lives of homeless and abused animals in West Texas.

Lone Star Sanctuary is close to our hearts and is actually where this sweet dog, Marley was adopted 12 years ago. It is in her memory that we are hosting this event, in the hopes that other animals will find their forever home and experience a warm and loving family, as Marley did.

With your generous support, we can assist Lone Star in their mission and help animals in need until they are able to be adopted. Please consider donating some of the following items to help with this worthy cause : Continue reading

Blackberry Margaritas #OnTrend

Looking for a refreshing take on spring? We found this enticing recipe for Blackberry Margaritas made from scratch by The Pioneer Woman and thought it would be the perfect

Barboglio Goblets
Jan Barboglio’s thick hand-blown glass goblets are perfect for margaritas!

go-to drink for your gatherings this spring and summer! Mixing a frozen margarita during the peak of summer in West Texas would be the perfect refreshing alternative to wine. Sipping frozen margaritas poolside sounds like heaven on earth! In the meantime, play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and try it on the rocks instead so it won’t be too cold for the current wacky weather. If you don’t have a margarita glass, then we would be delighted to suggest these fabulous hand-blown Vino Rojo goblets by Jan Barboglio in store now. The NEW Frances glasses would be great for pina coladas too.

If you need some fantastic new recipes to spice up dinner, we also have The Pioneer Woman cookbooks available in-store and online. Interested in the blackberry ice cream she mentions? You can find her recipe for Blackberry Chip Ice Cream in her second book, Food From My Frontier. Sounds delicious!

VDay 1
Hello Frances glasses, Cobalt Blue goblets and copper barware!

If you need a quicker, less-prep alternative try these low-calorie cocktails by Skinnygirl Cocktails, perfection for girls’ night. Be adventurous and try some of the bold and fruity flavors and mix it up this spring.

With all the new flavored liquors out there today, it’s easy to mix your favorite fruits into delicious margaritas that are sure to impress!

Try serving your guests with our NEW hammered copper mules and shot glasses for a bright and eclectic addition to your bar. Let 2016 be the year for a refreshing twist on serving drinks for a fun and unique alternative to ‘the usual.’



The Canopy


Transition Your Pumpkins from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Display with Hot Skwash

Now that Halloween has past, it’s time to pack up all that spooky stuff and get ready for Thanksgiving! It’s not Christmas yet, although the selection in most stores might have you believe that Christmas comes before Halloween. But the holiday season just started and we’re not ready to be winding it down just yet. So instead of rushing through the holidays, let’s take a moment to celebrate the season of thanks with cozy accessories and warm memories.

Thanksgiving Display with Hot Skwash
Create warm vignettes with Hot Skwash Velvet Pumpkins.

Pumpkins are such an obvious accessory for Halloween, but they also transition well into Thanksgiving! Add a touch of silk, a dash of glamour and a pinch of rustic charm with authentic Hot Skwash pumpkins and Jan Barboglio accessories. Pair them with pine cones and other autumn accessories for a look that’s sure to add warmth and whimsy to your home this season.

Making Memories: Take the kids on a ‘nature walk’ to gather pine cones and create a family experience that will warm your heart for years to come. Take a minute to explain to your kids what you what you’re thankful for and really get into the spirit of the season! Painting pine cones with glitter can also be a fun indoor activity for the kids on those chilly gray days, too.

Get cozy with Hot Skwash Pumpkins
Get cozy with velvet pumpkins this season.

Create cozy project vignettes with velvet pumpkins, pine cones and maize corn for a festive pop of color and a intriguing mix of textures. If your home decor is a little ‘ho hum,’ then spice it up with some holiday delight! Open the door to décor possibilities that resin pumpkins can’t hold a candle to!

For more design inspiration, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest! Or come visit us in store & online at!

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Not Another Neck Tie

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up fast! Do you need some gift ideas? Not to worry, we’ve collected some of our favorite brands and best-selling products so you can find Fathers Day Top Pick Badgesomething extra special for Dad this year! With a wide arrange of products and prices you’ll find something to show Dad how much you appreciate everything he does. Explore our Father’s Day Category for great gift ideas and find The Canopy’s Father’s Day Top Picks marked with this Badge! Let’s get started with a gentleman entertainer’s pièce de résistance. This Ballin Decanter by JB_Ballin_Decanter FDJan Barboglio will make a lasting impression at your next get-together with a one of a kind feel and distinctive quality. This hand-blown glass Decanter has a slender neck for easy handling, a wide ‘acanalado’ ridged base and an iron ball adorned cork. This Ballin Decanter features tiny air-bubbles that occur during the glass-blowing process which signifies a truly unique piece of art. The thick glass and heavy iron cork make a unique industrial-chic statement that is sure to please even those hard to shop for Dads! If you’re looking for an usual addition to his Barware Collection, then you should consider Arte Italica’s Milano Arte Italica Milano FDDouble Old Fashioned. This delightfully unusual glass combines a round glass top that flows into a unique oval pewter base. Handmade in Italy by skilled artisans with Italian pewter, this unique glass is a stunning take on everyday Barware.

WW_Pistol_Case fd
Shown in Tobacco with Chestnut Leather Trim.

If your Dad is a bit more on the rugged side, then we highly recommend White Wing Label’s Pistol Case. This Pistol Case was designed to transport pistols of any calibers with a minimalist, but refined style. The case has foam padding on both sides to offer maximum protection for the contents. Add his name or initials for a an awesome gift we’re sure he’ll love. Available in several colors for just the right touch! Color Swatch Well, last but certainly not least is a product that’s great for Dads on the go! The ‘Power Trip‘ kit by Jack Black will make business trips a breeze with ‘sized to fly’ products including everything he needs for face, beard and body and a microfiber Dopp Kit he can pack in a carry-on bag. This travel kit includes the best-selling Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, Double Duty Face JB Power Trip FDMoisturizer SPF 20, Turbo Wash Energizing Hair & Body Cleanser & Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 with Mint and Shea Butter. These products take a refreshingly effective, honest and natural approach to helping men look and feel their best. With Jack Black products, there’s nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic; just real solutions that provide immediate visible results. This Travel Kit is sure to be a hit this Father’s Day!

If you’re looking for something a little different for that hard to shop for Dad, then visit our website and check out more great Father’s Day Gifts!The Canopy

We Are Upgrading!

The Canopy is finally getting with the times. We’re getting a new DIGITAL check out system. Yes, that means you won’t have to wait for us to hand write everything and do the math ourselves. We are definitely excited about that. What we are not excited about is having to enter ALL our merchandise into this new 21st Century system.  Our hope is to have everything switched to use the new system on September 1st.

With that in mind, we are having a sale!!!!

Select items are 50% off, or more! The normal sale section is currently 80% off….

So come take advantage of this great opportunity and we will see you soon!!

The Inventory Beast

I’m not sure how many of y’all are familiar with the behind the scenes of running a retail establishment. But at the beginning of the new year each year, we have to count our inventory left over from last year for tax purposes. A lot of the shops that close on the first and/or second do it while they are close. We, however, would miss our customers too darn much to close.

That means we are doing it now. And it means going through EVERYTHING and COUNTING it all. Then we go and update the computer numbers to make sure everything matches. It’s really not important to know all this. What is important is that we still have some really awesome things in the store right now.

And Christmas items are on sale. So that’s awesome. Get some gorgeous ornaments for next year for a fraction of the cost if ya want to.

But we are also getting in new inventory too. Some swing by now that the snow has melted away and buy some goodies. If you’re lucky you may even get to taste some of the delicious samples we have. Yum. Yum.

Tea Anyone?

A friend of mine got married this summer. None of her family lives here so I figured I would have a shower for her. Mostly because I love having parties and wanted an excuse to throw a tea party. Unfortunately for me, summers in Texas are hot.

Her wedding colors were peacock colors so I chose to decorate for the tea in blues and greens. I happen to enjoy the whole DIY look of decorating for parties and it just fit so perfectly with a tea party in these colors. I made a lot of tissue flowers and fans. And found various fabrics to drape over tables to give it texture. I suppose it was a sort of Mad Hatter looking party. I tied some old teacups to the lights to hang down and add some charm to the rooms we were in. I used some other teacups, pitchers, and creamers to arrange some flowers for the party too. Aren’t they cute?

Because it was hotter than hot outside, I had some lemonade and iced tea. A few of us had hot tea. There were various finger sandwiches, scones, cookies, fruit tarts, and other yummy goodies. The whole thing was fun. I love any excuse to have a party, especially one where someone gets gifts. The Canopy has a lot of brides who register here and have fun showers all the time. And look! We have some great serving pieces you can use to host your own party!

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We Mourn Our Vets

Yesterday there was a horrible tragedy here in Midland. The details as to how it all happened aren’t exactly known, or at least weren’t the last I heard, but a train hit a parade float. There was a parade honoring some wounded veterans yesterday before what was supposed to be a night of festivities. Unfortunately a float was caught on a train track and the train was unable to stop. On the float were several wounded warriors and their families.

Four people died during the accident. These men were Army SGM Gary Stouffer, Army SGM Lawrence Boivin, Army SGT Joshua Michael, and Army SGM William Lubbers. Michael and Boivin died after saving their wives, pushing them out of harms way. Another 17 people were injured.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of these veterans. We thank them for their service to our country and to their families.

United States Grand Prix In Austin

By now you have probably heard someone at least mention something about Formula 1, F1, Circuit of The Americas, or The United States Grand Prix in Texas.

The Circuit of the Americas is the new Formula 1 track just built-in Austin. This weekend there will be three days of racing for the United States Grand Prix. And the F1 race being in the US is sort of a big deal. It’s the first time there has been a Formula 1 race in the US since 2007. It is also the first track built specifically for Formula 1.

The Circuit of the Americas is also going to be a big deal economically. You see, Formula 1 draws enthusiasts from around the globe. And even the cheap seats were $700. People are helicoptering in, renting the most exotic cars, and spending a ton of money to be part of this three-day event. The event is estimated to bring in $500 million dollars and 300,000 visitors every Grand Prix weekend.

And though it is The United States Grand Prix, there are no American drivers participating. You see, unlike NASCAR, F1 races have both right and left turns. Sorry, I know, bad NASCAR joke. But this $400 million dollar track has over 20 turns on a nearly 3.5 mile hilly track does go counterclockwise. That is rare for a F1 track and will put more strain on the drivers who are not used to frequent left-hand turns.

What does this have to do with The Canopy? Nothing. But we sure do think its interesting that this is such a major deal and get more interested with each bit of info we learn as to why it’s a big deal.

We Still Love TV

I’m sitting here in the back of The Canopy listening to some of the Canopy girls talking about Dancing With The Stars. I’ve never watched the show, so I can’t really say who is the best dancer. But I do know they are upset by Jill leaving. And they think Shawn or Emmit will win because they have big fan bases. Since the other names I heard were quite possibly first names I should know, I assume this is a game where the celebrity wins. Oops.

I do know we all love love love Revenge. It is a consensus around The Canopy that Revenge is the best show on TV these days. We don’t like Ashley paired up with Daniel, but mostly because we really just don’t trust Ashley. Nolan, on the other hand, is someone we adore. And his new look is really great this season. Gosh, I wish I had this show recorded to have my own Revenge marathon event over Thanksgiving. Oh wait! I do!

Gossip Girl is still a popular tv choice around here too. But my goodness are we all ready for Chuck and Blair to get together. Stop teasing us!

I’ve heard a few other shows mentioned as being big faves for some of the gals around the shop. Shows like Last Resort, Person of Interest, Mad Men and Major Crimes. So what shows tickle your fancy?